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Contactless Collections

After a bit of a hectic start to lockdown, we would kindly ask customers to give us a little notice on collection orders from the farm shop, as we currently have one member of staff on holiday for another week and another off sick (not covid related). In this very busy time we are doing our best to keep up but unfortunately due to the nature of the job, we just can't get temps and extra staff in so we would ask everyone to try and make advance orders rather than placing them on the day that they wish to collect them.

The shop is still open for walk-ins should you wish to show up without pre-ordering however, please bare in mind that there may be a queue with a small waiting period at peak times.

Thank you for your patience. We expect to be back to full strength in another weeks time, until then we will do our best and we are still taking orders for this week but it would be great if everyone could get their orders for next week in as early as possible.

Thanks- the Dews Meadow Farm team.

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