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Our Groceries Selection changes seasonally and week to week so check in shop for latest stock. 

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Wessex Mill Flour

We stock a wide range of Wessex Mill Flour. Check for availability and pricing.  




We sell milk, cream & butter. 


Honey Jars


We stock local honey, produced less than a mile away in West Hanney.  



Ice Cream

We stock a large range of ice creams, from the Walls classsics such as cornettos, magnums, twists and fruit pastel ice pops, all the way to tubs of delicious Marshfeild's Ice cream tubs in a range of flavours. 


Eggs Romance_edited.jpg


We sell our own home-produced eggs fresh from the farm, as well as seperatly labelled locally sourced eggs.  



Cooking Sauces

We stock a wide variety of Potts cooking sauces and stocks. 



Goose Eggs

We sell our own home-produced goose eggs fresh from the farm. These are seasonal so please check for availability. 


Image by James Yarema


We sell refreshing chilled drinks such as Coke, Rio, Iced Coffee, Apple & Orange Juice.  


Sauces, Chutneys & Jams

We offer a very wide range of  Tracklements sauces & chutneys as well as all the essential table sauces.  



Sweet & Savoury Snacks

We sell a wide variety of Franks Biscuits as well as a range of Cadburys chocolate bars and various crisps. 

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